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MyVHL is a free service that stores information and user preferences to offer customized services and facilities such as:

  • Creation of collections of documents from the results of searches processed in the VHL databases.
  • Documents found in the VHL databases from the keywords indicated for Topics of Interest.
  • User-authored publications retrieved from multiple sources by considering the ORCID number entered in the User Profile.
  • History of searches performed on the VHL whenever the user is logged into the service.
  • List of favorite links indicated by the user allowing quick and direct access to sites of interest.

MyVHL is available to any user through their Facebook, Google, BIREME Account or the MyVHL service itself.

BIREME Account is a system of account management of users of BIREME Network Cooperating Centers that access the FI-Admin system, among other systems. This same user account is enabled for the MyVHL service.

If you prefer a separate account for the MyVHL service, you must make your free registration as a user, and accept the terms of use and privacy policy.

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